Awesome amazing spot with the best hosts in the world! Stuart, Australia

Max and Noy are the most sensational hosts you could ever have. They know everything about the local area, help organise things to make the most of your trip and they are also amazingly friendly and lovely. They made the stay really special.

Location is superb. Jack, United Kingdom

The staff and the hosts of the hotel are amazing! Sunset fantastic. Snorkelling trip that they can arrange for you was phenomenal.

They will do anything for you. I wasn't very well before I arrived and they really made sure I was ok. They arranged a local nurse and I was able to get the medicine we needed.

Full of beautiful surprises. Maxime, France

Noi et Max are just amazing. they make sure you enjoy your stay as much as possible, they organize incredible surprises… what a stay!!!

Welcomed like long-lost family. Duncan, Indonesia

Everything was amazing. We had booked a family room but were given 2 separate bungalows, which was wonderful, a real bargain. Max and Noi were great hosts, we spent hours talking with them. The staff were exceptional. Location overlooking the beachfront of Ekas Beach, very picturesque. Max accompanied us on a motorcycle tour taking in Paradise Beach Pantai Kura-Kura and Pantai Kaliantan, as well as providing information about a separate trip to Pantai Penyisok and environs. The Ekas area is now much more accessible than it was only a few months ago, the roads have been upgraded so it's possible to reach more destinations more quickly. Food was terrific, considering the remoteness of the area. Max arranged a boat-trip out to a sand island in the middle of Ekas Bay for us. Cold beer!

Great accommodation and base for kitesurfing at Kaliantan and touring the Ekas region. Peter, Australia

Breakfast, lunch and dinner were all great. Drinks available too. Views of the sunset are superb. Great service, very helpful hosts and staff. Max and Noi are great hosts. Max can organise local tours including snorkelling at Pink Beach, and cars and scooters for getting around. Great information on how to get to Kaliantan kitesurfing locations.